Your Costs

There are several different ways our representatives are compensated for the work we do for clients. We feel it is important to disclose the various costs you may incur and allow you some choice as to which compensation structure makes the most sense for your situation.

  • Managed account program:  Some of our clients work with us under this format because it provides the most flexibility. We  make  investment recommendations under a a fee-based advisory program without charging a commission.  Instead, we charge a  fee that is a percentage of the amount of assets we manage on our clients' behalf. This is best suited for clients who are seeking active management rather than those following a buy and hold strategy.
  • Flat Fee or Hourly Rate:  We also work with clients that want us to look at certain components of their financial portfolio independent of a managed account program. Some examples of these components include asset allocation analysis, insurance review and/or an estate planning review. A flat or hourly fee would be charged for the advice.
  • Managed account programs plus Flat Fee/Hourly Rate for additional advice:  The fee that we collect for the above managed account option is for managing those particular accounts.  The services provided for managing those accounts incorporates elements of  investment tax  and retirement strategies . Additional topics such as insurance and estate planning reviews would be considered extra services and may warrant additional fees that would be addressed in advance.
  • Commission: We have some clients for which it makes sense to use products that pays us a commission.  For instance, a brokerage account where clients pay for each securities transaction as it occurs may be a better fit for clients who plan to trade infrequently and follow a buy and hold strategy. Also, life insurance and annuities are a proper fit for some clients and do pay us a commission. There will be instances where an additional fee will be charged for advice that goes beyond this product level.  All additional fees will be addressed in advance.